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Escalators and Moving Walkes

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Escalators and Moving Walkes

Escalators and Moving walkes are among the most important means of transportation today and are made in places where continuous and safe human transportation will be provided. They are useful and efficient transport systems that can be applied both vertically and horizontally. Escalators, which are frequently seen in areas such as airports, train stations, metro stations, overpasses, plazas, offices, hotels, public buildings, hospitals, stadiums, theater and movie theaters, shopping malls, provide great comfort between floors for pedestrian traffic. where elevators are impractical.

It is one of the most important means of transportation as it makes the upper and ground floors useful in buildings that are very valuable from a commercial point of view. Escalators and pedestrian paths, which provide the flow of crowds in places where human traffic is dense with rapid urbanization, are indispensable transportation systems that increase the value of buildings with the development of technology since the day they were first invented.


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