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MRL Complete Elevator

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MRL Complete Elevator

Machine Roomless (MRL) passenger elevators were first developed in Europe and are rapidly gaining popularity around the world.

MRL is an exciting new elevator configuration designed to save space, money, energy and time. It is a good choice for mid-rise buildings that need to get passengers to their destination quickly.

MRL Elevator Benefits MRLs save space by placing the compact, gearless machine directly in the hoistway. There is no need for a rooftop machine room, potentially reducing building construction costs. Gearless machines and the counterweight configuration of MRLs increase energy efficiency and provide a smooth, quiet ride. MRLs typically move faster than conventional hydraulic lifts, saving riders time.

01. Regulator
02. Cabin Door
03. Cabin
04. Control Board
05. Floor Door
06. Machine
07. Rail
08. Weight
09. Bumper


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