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Complete Elevator

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MR Complete Elevator

It is a type of elevator in which the elevator drive is placed in a room built above the elevator shaft. It is not preferred in modern architectural projects in terms of aesthetics and increasing the economic value of the building. Engine room elevators have the disadvantage that they require an engine room tower above the shaft. In machine room Lift, geared (asynchronous) machine-motor group is generally used, but gearless motors are preferred.

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MRL Complete Elevator

MRL Elevator Benefits MRLs save space by placing the compact, gearless machine directly in the hoistway. There is no need for a rooftop machine room, potentially reducing building construction costs. Gearless machines and the counterweight configuration of MRLs increase energy efficiency and provide a smooth, quiet ride. MRLs typically move faster than conventional hydraulic lifts, saving riders time.

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